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  Committee for SC/ST (Grievences and Scholarships) 
  The Committee for SC/ST of Government College Malerkotla is dedicated to promoting the welfare and safeguarding the rights of students belonging to the SC/ST communities. The committee is dedicated to resolving grievances and concerns faced by SC/ST students, with the aim of uplifting and boosting their morale. The committee is comprised by a convener and other committee members who work in coordination to foster a congenial and friendly environment within the institution. One of the key responsibilities of the committee is to ensure that eligible students avail fee concessions and SC/ST scholarship schemes. They provide guidance to students regarding the necessary documents required for applying for scholarships on the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Portal. The committee operates under the guidance and support of the Head of the Institution, adhering to the latest guidelines issued by the SC/ST Commission. Their efforts are focused on ensuring equal opportunities and support for SC/ST students in accordance with the established protocols.

Here are the functions of the committee, outlined point-wise, particularly focusing on scholarships and the protection of the SC/ST Act:

1. Scholarships: The committee ensures that eligible students from SC/ST backgrounds have access to scholarships and financial assistance. It provides guidance and support in the application process, assists students in understanding the eligibility criteria, and helps them avail the benefits of various government-sponsored scholarship schemes.

2. Awareness and Guidance: The committee plays a crucial role in creating awareness among SC/ST students about available scholarships, grants, and other financial aids. It conducts informative sessions and workshops to educate students about the opportunities they can avail themselves of to support their academic pursuits.

3. Facilitating Applications: The committee assists SC/ST students in filling out scholarship application forms accurately and thoroughly. It ensures that all necessary documents and supporting materials are submitted in a timely manner to maximize the chances of securing scholarships.

4. Support and Counseling: The committee provides emotional and academic support to SC/ST students, helping them navigate any challenges they may face in their educational journey. It offers counseling services, mentorship, and guidance to ensure their overall well-being and success.

5. Protection of SC/ST Act: The committee is responsible for creating awareness about the rights and protections guaranteed by the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. It educates students on their rights and assists them in reporting any instances of discrimination, harassment or atrocities they may encounter within the college or elsewhere.

6. Grievance Redressal: The committee addresses grievances and complaints raised by SC/ST students, ensuring their concerns are heard and resolved promptly. It acts as a liaison between the students and the college administration, advocating for their rights and providing a platform for them to voice their grievances.

7. Sensitization Programs:
The committee conducts sensitization programs for the college community, promoting understanding, respect, and inclusion of SC/ST students. It organizes workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns to foster a harmonious and inclusive environment within the college.

   The Committee for SC/ST of Government College Malerkotla plays a vital role in supporting SC/ST students, advocating for their rights, and ensuring they have equal access to educational opportunities. Through its dedicated efforts, it strives to create an inclusive and empowering atmosphere where every student can thrive and succeed.

    Senior Council member Prof. Arvind Kaur Mand (Mob. 81468-27573) is assigned the convener with other members among her team.



Committee for SC/ST 
Sr. No Name  Designation Contact
1 Arvind Kaur Mand  Associate Professor, Convenor 81468-27573
2 Dr. Uzma Azeem Assistant Professor, Member 88376-56207
3 Lavanpreet Singh Assistant Professor, Member 84379-72349
4 Sukhpreet Singh Assistant Professor, Member 94179-41486 
5 Manpreet Kaur Assistant Professor, Member  99141-14453
6 Umardeen Clerk 95011-24528


                                                                           Constitution and Working   

 Name of Portal
Punjab Scholarship Portal  https://scholarships.punjab.gov.in/
                      Yearwise Table of student Applied and Received Scholarship               
Year 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
No of Students Applied 833  675  736  655  767
Amount of scholarship Received 9073439  9592750  10917708  7868845  12633825





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