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 The Anti-Ragging Cell at Government College Malerkotla plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students. Given underneath are functions and working procedures of the cell:

1. Prevention and Awareness: The cell works diligently to prevent incidents of ragging by sensitizing the students about the negative consequences of such activities. It organizes orientation programs at the beginning of each academic year, highlighting the college's strict anti-ragging policy and proper guidelines have been constituted for dealing with such incidents.

2. Complaint Registration: The cell ensures a systematic approach to address any ragging-related complaints. It maintains a dedicated complaint registration system whereby students can report incidents anonymously. The cell treats all complaints with confidentiality and utmost seriousness.

3. Investigation and Action: Upon receiving a complaint, the cell initiates a thorough investigation to gather evidence and identify the culprits involved in ragging incidents. It conducts interrogations, collects witness statements, and reviews any available CCTV footage wherever possible. Once the investigation is complete, appropriate action is taken against the guilty students as per the guidelines of the institution. 

4. Counseling and Support: The Anti-Ragging Cell offers counseling and support services to the victims of ragging. Trained professionals provide psychological assistance to help them overcome any trauma or emotional distress caused by the incident. They also guide the victims on the available legal recourse if required.

5. Awareness Campaigns: The cell organizes regular awareness campaigns, seminars, and workshops to sensitize students, faculty, and staff about the detrimental effects of ragging. These events aim to create a positive and inclusive college atmosphere that discourages any form of harassment or intimidation.

6. Collaboration with Authorities: The Anti-Ragging Cell works closely with local law enforcement agencies, college management, and other relevant authorities to ensure effective implementation of anti-ragging policies. They maintain open communication channels to address any immediate concerns or emergencies related to ragging incidents.

7. Periodic Monitoring: The cell conducts periodic monitoring and evaluation of the college premises to identify any potential hotspots or areas where ragging activities may occur. They maintain a vigilant approach to prevent ragging incidents proactively.

    Overall, the Anti-Ragging Cell at Government College Malerkotla is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for all students.  preventive measures are taken to avoid ragging on campus at all costs. Prompt action is initiated against the complaints if any. Counseling support and awareness campaigns are consistently held to eradicate ragging and foster a culture of mutual respect and harmony within the college campus.

The best team of selected faculty members is working under the guidance of Prof. Hargurpartap Singh (84277-51150) as a convener.


ANTI-RAGGING CELL (List of Designated Members) 
Sr. No. Name  Designation Contact
1 Hargurpartap Singh Assistant Professor (Convener) 84277-51150
2 Dr. Paramjit Singh Dhillon Assistant Professor, Member 98151-15312
3 Dr. Gurjit Kaur Assistant Professor, Member 95929-69857
4 Sukhveer Singh Assistant Professor, Member 98158-02728
5 Jagdhir Singh Assistant Professor, Member 98557-72800
6 Dr. Kanchan Assistant Professor, Member 94176-60571


                      Constitution and Working of The Cell




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