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                      CCTV Cameras Committee

   The CCTV Cameras Committee at Government College Malerkotla is a vital entity responsible for overseeing the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras within the college premises. Here is a detailed breakdown of its functions and workings:

Installation Planning:

The committee determines the strategic locations for CCTV camera installation, considering factors such as high-traffic areas, entrances, exits, and sensitive areas.
It collaborates with security experts and technical personnel to ensure optimum coverage and effectiveness of the CCTV system.
Procurement and Installation:

The committee takes charge of the procurement process, including sourcing high-quality CCTV cameras and related equipment within the allocated budget.
It liaises with vendors, coordinates installation activities, and ensures adherence to technical specifications and security standards.
Maintenance and Repairs:

The committee ensures the regular maintenance and servicing of CCTV cameras to uphold their functionality and performance.
It schedules periodic inspections, cleans lenses, checks wiring, and promptly addresses any technical issues or damages.
Monitoring and Surveillance:

The committee oversees the real-time monitoring of CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of the college premises.
It collaborates with security personnel to monitor activities, identify potential threats, and take necessary action in case of security breaches or emergencies.
Data Storage and Retrieval:

The committee manages the storage and retrieval of CCTV footage in a secure manner, adhering to privacy regulations and institutional policies.
It establishes protocols for data access, archival, and retention to facilitate investigations, if required.
Training and Awareness:

The committee organizes training programs and workshops for relevant staff members involved in CCTV operations.
It promotes awareness among the college community about the importance of CCTV surveillance, privacy considerations, and reporting procedures.

Continuous Improvement:

The committee stays updated with the latest advancements in CCTV technology and security practices.
It assesses the effectiveness of the CCTV system periodically and recommends upgrades or enhancements to meet evolving security needs.
The CCTV Cameras Committee at Government College Malerkotla plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and secure environment within the college premises. By diligently managing the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of CCTV cameras, the committee helps deter potential security threats, enhances the overall safety of students and staff, and contributes to the smooth functioning of the institution. The committee is working under the inchargeship of Dr. Dazy Jain (98729-81994).



                   CCTV CAMARAS COMMITTEE 2023-24  
Sr. No. Name  Designation  
1 Dr. Dazy Jain   Assistant Professor, Convenor  
2 Dr. Paramjit Singh Dhillon Assistant Professor  
3 Gaurav Mittal Assistant Professor  
4 Dr. Manie Jain Assistant Professor  
5 Merry Nachaal Assistant Professor  
                CCTV CAMARAS COMMITTEE 2022-23  
Sr. No. Name  Designation  
1 Dr. Dazy Jain Assistant Professor  
2 Dr. Manie Jain Assistant Professor  
3 Merry Nachaal Assistant Professor  





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