Government College Malerkotla

Institution's Distinctive Characteristics

This college was established in 1926 by His Highness Nawab Ahmed Ali Khan with the aim of uplifting the standard of education in this backward area of Punjab. Since its inception, this institution has been imparting education in various fields of higher education to the people of this area. It focuses on serving the underprivileged and financially disadvantaged individuals in the community. In the past, there was opposition to educating girls due to prevailing illiteracy and they suffered the most. However, this institution has played a crucial role in generating awareness about girls' education. It has become a blessing for the community, offering access to higher education for both boys and girls.

The college organizes awareness seminars and rallies from time to time to educate people about the importance of girls' education. It fosters a friendly, congenial, and disciplined academic atmosphere that promotes the overall and dynamic development of students. With rich traditions, the institution enhances students' personalities by imparting value-based, participative and quality education. It strongly believes in the principle of "unity in diversity," celebrating festivals such as Holi, Lohri, Teej, Diwali, Eid, and Vaisakhi together. Regular lectures on social issues like drugs, dowry, female foeticide, illiteracy, corruption, domestic violence, traffic safety and environmental pollution are delivered to instill good moral values among students.

The institution's NCC and NSS programs foster a sense of national integrity in students, preparing them to serve humanity during times of social crises. Situated in the heart of Malerkotla city, which is renowned for its communal harmony, the institution takes pride in actively maintaining this harmony. It organizes cultural and communal events and programs, encouraging students from different cultures and religions to participate and learn while respecting each other's beliefs. Festivals belonging to various religions are celebrated cordially and reverently, regardless of communal differences or prejudice. In essence, this institution sets a precedent for communal harmony and exemplifies the ideals of unity in diversity.





Government College Malerkotla
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